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Protect-a-Hectare Sponsorship

In its effort to support socially responsible activities, Philchema Inc. participated in the Save the La Mesa Watershed Project by donating to its Protect-a-Hectare program for 3 years. The La Mesa Watershed is known to be the major source of drinking water for 12 million Metro Manila residents and is the only remaining forest of its size in the metro. The proceeds of the donation will be used to sponsor the care and maintenance of existing forests and to protect the trees from illegal loggers.

Part of the Protect-a-Hectare program is a hands-on Tree Planting activity for Philchema employees.  This started with an Environmental Awareness Lecture and a short film showcasing the development of La Mesa Watershed. It was followed by the Ceremonial Tree Planting led by Philchema executives and managers. Everyone got the chance to experience planting Narra germinants; then a short demo on vermicomposting was shared by a La Mesa Watershed volunteer.  After the tree planting activity, the Eco-Amazing Race was held at the La Mesa Ecopark. Among the six competing groups, the Yellow Team made it to the top. During free time, some tried the activities offered by the Ecopark such as zip line and paint ball game. 

Protect-a-Hectare 3